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"In 2009, I started RA Balance when I realized that there was a need for alternative therapy in my area. After personal experience, I came to see that many people would be able to benefit from these therapies, especially those with chronic illnesses.
Biomagnetism is my preferred alternative treatment as it helps our clients to start feeling the effects after only a few sessions. After many years of practice and study, we branched out into other treatments such as a combination of Radionics and Biomagnetism therapy, we were able to create our own systematic treatments and help our valued clients even faster than before."
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We're proud to have made a difference in the lives of many.


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We're proud to have made a difference in the lives of many. .


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We're proud to have made a difference in the lives of many. .

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We represent an innovative technology developed specifically for non-intrusive, non-chemical, natural treatment of symptoms and complications of health issues. Our specialists undergo a rigorous certification process developed by the Center for Bio-medical Investigation (CIBM) to ensure you will be getting professional care at the hands of experts in the field. Backed by the Higher School of Medical Biomagnetism, a trendsetter in the fields of Bio-magnetism and Bio-energetic treatments, with over 20 years of research we succeed where others have failed.
We are currently in 10 international locations and looking to expand every year to help as many people as possible. Our therapy combines Bio-magnetism, Bio-energy, and Radionics to ensure thorough diagnosis regardless of symptoms so we may effectively treat the root cause of disease in a natural and balanced way. Formulated specifically for the treatment and prevention of “incurable diseases”, our therapy offers patients a proven method of restoring you to prime-health that is over 90% efficient.

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