What Is Biomagnetism?

Biomagnetic therapy is a tried and tested method with the objective of balancing pH levels. This is achieved by re-establishing the cellular environment through the use of a pair of medium intensity magnets.


Why Use It?

According to research conducted by Dr. Issac Goinz, a large number of complex diseases, including cancer, are associated with changes in the pH levels of our internal organs. Other harmful factors include the presence of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and toxins.
To maintain good health it is necessary to maintain a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH level very close to 7.4. Biomagnetism therapies help restore that balance.

How Is It Performed?

Through the phenomenon known as depolarization, a confrontation between the BMP charges is caused by applying an electromagnetic field with the same polarity to each magnetic pole. One cause for unbalanced pH levels include pathological micro-organisms that alter the acid and alkaline levels of the organs. The healing process occurs once the pH has reached balance and achieved optimal levels for a person's well-being.

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